The Role of a Buyers Advocate

1. Identify and locate or assist to find a suitable residential or investment property that best matches clients' requirements and price bracket on the most favorable terms and conditions.

2. Independently Research and confirm the properties actual market value, structural integrity, planning compliance etc

3. Professionally represent our clients' best interests with economical and successful Auction bidding or Private Sale negations.

4. Peruse and negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale to our client's best advantage.

5. Provide our clients with easy access to a wide range of legal, technical and financial professional services thought essential to each successful property acquisition.

6. Provide impartial professional Real Estate advice in a confidential and efficient manner to best maximize our clients position within the transaction.

7. Diligently advise and supervise all legal aspects of the Contract prior to exchange and to a successful settlement.

8. Offer independent advice on various types of real property and where necessary, discourage and prevent a client from acquiring a second class property asset at an inflated price.

9. Where possible insulate and protect a client from unnecessary sales pressure and misleading information as to price, terms etc from the vendors Agent.