A sample.......2007-19

"I had almost given up looking for a large family residence in South Yarra ...... outbid on four occasions in the last year, at price levels that I believed were farcical. My accountant said he 'knew an experienced  Buyers Advocate who may be able to help". I was skeptical at first but realized soon after meeting you that you were very professional, experienced and competent.....and, you seemed to know every Real Estate Agent in the area! your advice that the market was "overheated" seemed to me correct, but your claim that you would find something for me privately seemed a little ambitious It took two months but I could not be happier with the house or the price paid......at least a half a million less than my limit. A very big Thank you!" B.W. Malvern.

"My fourth investment property purchase through you in as many years and this one successfully completed at Auction for $26.000 less than the rental returns said I could pay....All while I was on holiday in Europe! Enclosed is your fee & your 'Frequent Flyer' loyalty discount is appreciated!" R.D. Richmond.

"You said you knew Surrey Hills very well and your advice not to buy the very pretty timber Edwardian proved correct. To think you secured a brick Victorian in a good street in Canterbury with one extra bedroom and a bigger yard for almost the same price proves our mutual friend in Sydney right, when she told us you really knew your stuff." N.M & R T, Roseville, NSW.

"Greg thanks for the straight talking. Your advice not to change Agents with so much invested in what was, till then, a disappointing marketing campaign was correct. They changed the ads; we lowered our expectations on price and terms a little and now realize we almost followed the market down. We are now very happy with the result and the Agent and can retire without pressure. Your fee was the best $750 we spent in the entire marketing!" J&K.M. Kew.

"What a poker player you must be!" R.M. East Melbourne.

"A Real Estate Agent using a Real Estate Agent to purchase a new family home...some might say, how ridiculous. But I have known you for over 20yrs and noticed you used to sell a few of our colleagues houses. So I figured they knew something about you I didn't...I was right. What was becoming a very emotional and potentially expensive exercise for me was a rational, planned acquisition for you and I came out on top. Thanks Mate! [Name withheld for reasons of professional courtesy].

"I must admit, watching you remain silent at the Auction and then only at the 59th minute matching the auctioneer's vendor bid tested my nerves to the limit. Finally emerging from our new home with a signed contract on a longer settlement for not one cent extra.....how do you do it?" P.J. North Balwyn. Vic.

"How wonderful to find a Melbourne Buyers Advocate who actually knew a great deal about retirement living and the various pitfalls, especially deferred expenses, not widely promoted by some operators. We almost made a big mistake with our first choice of retirement residence and are most grateful, Greg, for your help and advice. Your watchful eye on the sale of our family home and recommendation of the most appropriate Agent truly put the icing on the cake." P & M. L. Malvern.

" We wondered how you kept a straight face Greg, when the very young real estate representative quoted you such an absurdly low price for our new apartment...especially as you had given us a list of recent sales in the building for similar sizes, all much higher. No wonder it was a one bid auction!" D & S. S South Yarra.

"You promised me complete confidentiality with the Auction purchase of this well known property and you certainly delivered. Great idea to ask the Vendor, through the Auctioneer, to alter the terms of payment and extend the nomination clause until five days before settlement. Well done! I have recommended your services to my London based daughter and her husband." [Identifying details withheld as per instructions]

"How you know or are able to establish who is pushed to sell as opposed to those who wanted to sell in several Queens Rd and St.Kilda Rd high rises I will never completely understand. But, I suppose that's part of your skills and proved to be a very important part of the negotiations. We certainly benefited. You have our sincere thanks. J & P S Melbourne 3004.

"We thought we wanted a residential property for investment through our super fund. Never thought of a two storey lock up shop in a good suburban shopping strip but you did. Even our accountant is impressed with the return, security of tenure, depreciation benefits and the future potential of extension and perhaps two rentable properties. Good work!" J & J K. Hawthorn.

"I thank my lucky stars when, last November, you convinced me that the very inner Eastern suburbs were due for a massive rent rise due to extremely low residential vacancy rates and very high demand, in the short term. Accordingly, I exited the stock market before it became the "shock market" and bought in Richmond, as you well know. I have just achieved a 17% rent increase in just eight months and if only half of that translates into capital growth, I am miles in front. Pleased to recommend you, Greg." B.T. Glen Iris.

"Finding a Melbourne Buyers Advocate we could trust to expertly invest such a large amount of money was our first priority. Put simply, we don’t trust real estate agents! And, why should we after being misled with “quotes” so many times?
You came highly recommended by my accountant from previous dealings, but being a little cautious we thought we would reserve our judgment and observe your performance. The first thing we noticed was just how many of the selling agents knew you on a professional basis. Then we noticed the quality of the information you seemed to be able to get from them [and on your own] was remarkable and far superior to our own efforts. How quickly you could “rule a house in or out”. That certainly saved us a lot of time and effort. We are delighted with our new family home and thrilled with the money we saved. Thank you and add us to your list of fans!" J&K O Doncaster East.

“It isn’t an easy decision to trust another person, [even if that persons website proclaims their professional ability and integrity as a Melbourne Buyers Advocate]; to purchase our future family residence with a budget in excess of $2 million from the US ,“sight unseen”. We did, and now are the” happiest little expats’ who own a piece of “Heaven in Brighton” and with change! Thank you for the 70 plus emails, the digital images, the list of sales for the surrounding houses and the long explanation of just how your Auction system works….and can be beaten! Keep up the good work, Greg.” A &S K. Richmond. Va

“My wife said 'No' and my Solicitor said 'No' but nice to know we bought our East Melbourne terrace under the market, when two hours after the Auction the under bidder offered us another $100,000 for it! Nice going Greg!” AM. Eaglemont . Vic.

"And, once again-fantastic effort on your part. Your role in proceedings was exactly what I was looking for. I hope we get to do it again soon! Cheers." I.H. Canberra. ACT. 

" We were a little confused when the selling Agent said "you might be better off having a professional bid for you as there is likely to be multiple bidding from experienced property developers on this property and to be successful you will really have to be just as experienced with the process as they are". He suggested you,Greg, as the most experienced buyers agent he knewin Melbourne and said your charges were quite reasonable compaired to your compeditors. You forcast the "real" selling price within 1.5% and bought it with just four very quick bids! That confused a few! A very happy first time developer here & thanks for all your other tips! R.D. Templestowe.

"Thank you for your assistance.We will be more than happy to refer you to our friends" G.D. Hawthorn East.

"An enjoyable experience all round. Very happy with our purchase and you made our sale very satisfying, indeed fun!"N.D. Malvern East.

"Thrilled with our new investment apartment in Hawthorn. Great position, an extra car park thanks to your eagle eye and a well qualified Tennant on a long lease. This property is definately "a keeper" even when we retire. Thanks Greg." F & PJ, Eltham.Vic

"I always say youve got to work hard [and smart ]and put yourself out there to make 'luck' happen, rather than sit back and wait for someone to give you the next 'get rich quick scheme' wrapped up in a pink bow. With your assistance and guidance, you gave me the confidence to step up to the biggest financial commitment I have ever undertaken, so, again,I sincerely thank you for your insight and rat cunning in helping us get this property in the bag. Hope to work with you later this year and expectations are high!" I H. Canberra.

Really happy a friend recommended you from personal experience. Nealy made the mistake of my life with an "off the Plan" investment purchase for my Super Fund. Yes, there will be an endless supply of these apartments in certain inner areas, Yes, they are overpriced, and, Yes I nearly fell for buying " the sizzle, not the sausage"! Reall happy with my ground floor, two bedroom, older apartment in prime Armadale at $439,000. Good rent at over $400 PW too! GH, Lorne, Vic

Cant complain about my East Malvern two bed rental apartment bought by you 'Off market" for $530,00 in September when an identical one next door sold at Auction in December for over $100,000 more!  Keep up the good work Greg! Oh,and thank yoy again. AM Bright.

Great Auction Greg finishing a well inspected sales campaign. Mary and I think its your fourth time for us since we first met you in 1987 I think it was? Again many thanks! E & M Walker, Camberwell, Vic.