Melbourne Buyer's Advocate


Phone: 0418 170 108   or Email

"A very experienced, licensed Real Estate Agent acting principally as a Buyers Advocate in Melbourne, offering accountable,personal service and the right independant advice at the right price!"


  • COMPLETE Residential Search & Acquisition....I do ALL the work!
  • PARTIAL search & acquisition....a partnership to purchase exactly what you want!
  • Professional AUCTION BIDDING or Private Sale Negotiations...fees usually only on success!
  • Residential & Commercial portfolio INVESTMENTS... search, research & acquisitions!
  • VENDOR ADVOCACY...use my expertise to interview, negotiate, assist in appointing and personally supervise the marketing and successful sale of your property, through the most appropriate Real Estate Agent & Agency, given your individual circumstances!
  • Sales "REPAIR & ADVICE"... Disappointed, mislead & depressed after a very expensive marketing campaign failed to sell? ........ I provide impartial, professional help to successfully sell, for the maximum amount, on your terms and conditions!

In addition, I can:

  • Offer access to and professional interpretation of ALL Property Data Bases.
  • Successfully source properties & development sites "not on the market".Approach, in full confidence and with complete anonymity, any property's owner.
  • Professionally represent Expatriates, ensuring they purchase the right property in the right position for the least amount and on the most favorable terms.
  • Provide introductions and advice on appointing 'Property Professionals' including;
  • Residential & Commercial Property Managers
  • Specialist Property Lawyers.
  • Conveyancers.
  • Sworn Valuers
  • Architects.
  • Builders & Building Inspections.
  • Town Planners
  • Financers & Mortgage Brokers etc.
  • Reputable Financial Advisors and Superannuation specialists.