I offer accountable, personal service to all my clients. I do not employ sub-agents or "personal assistants" to handle your file once a brief is accepted.

I intentionally limit the number of clients at any one time to enable me to offer a higher standard of communication and a more personal, professional Real Estate Acquisition and Vendor Advocacy Service than the many of my competitors.

My philosophy is "Hire me....get me!"

Obvious benefits include the ability to offer and guarantee complete client confidentiality plus the fact that I am usually available and contactable in person by selling agents, vendors and my clients at all times.

Fixed overhead operating expenses are kept to a minimum without compromising research or IT facilities, which are comprehensive and always at the cutting edge.

Accordingly, my professional FEES, which are SUCCESS BASED, are extremely competitive and usually equate to 60-70% of that demanded by other Buyers Advocates*.

Indicative Examples.

COMPLETE SEARCH and successful acquisition...............1.0-2%, NEGOTIABLE. [plus GST]
[A minimum Fee of $5,000 applies]

JOINT VENTURE assistance by Auction or private sale........75-1% NEGOTiABLE. [plus GST]
[A minimum Fee of $4,000 applies]

AUCTION BIDDING...... Negotiable,regardless of the properties price bracket, usually $600- $850 including GST, "Win, Loose or Draw!' [ Fee includes Contract & S32 perusal, thorough property database research, selling agent consultation, property inspection, impartial advice & of course Auction bidding & pre-Auction purchase ,if appropriate!]

VENDOR ADVOCACY........I retain a small portion of the negotiated sales commission. [Approx 25-35%, but up to 50% if, upon request, I act “In Conjunction”, once the selling agent selection process is completed.]

SALES "Repair & Advice"....an hourly rate, to be agreed. [EG, $150 per hour].

AUCTION. Yes I still conduct & enjoy calling property Auctions on request. Fee is $400 plus GST.

In certain circumstances, I am able to offer the alternative of a success based fee, calculated on a percentage of the amount saved by you in the transaction. This is negotiable and has led to some very satisfied clients!

Of course, except for Auction bidding, if there is NO PURCHASE there is NO FEE! And, I do not require "SIGN ON" or "ESTABLISHMENT" fees, or the like!

My aim is to continue to create satisfied purchasers who see my fees as added value to the transaction as opposed to another significant acquisition expense.

I reserve the right to politely refuse a "Mission Imposable" brief and of course, cannot apply extremely competitive, small fixed percentage fees to the lower end of the market.

*Based on published professional fees for Buyers Advocates on www.domain.com.au, www.realestate.com.au & www.realestateview.com.au as at 18/3/08 and as published in "The Age", Wednesday November 9th, 2005 for 20 Buyers Advocates surveyed.

Note. ALL REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS/Fees payable in Victoria are NEGOTIABLE!