An Old Saying

An old saying......"Its not what you know but, who you know!"

To be a successful Melbourne Buyers Advocate it should be "Not only is it what you know, but very much, who you know!"


With almost 40yrs as a well known Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and almost a decade of Buyers Advocacy in Melbourne, I can fairly confirm, "Experience Counts!"

Knowledge and practical experience with all aspects of Property Law and the Estate Agents Act, an intimate knowledge of every facet of property negotiations and, importantly the" know-how" and "feel" of a public Auction before, during and after it unfolds gained from thousands of Auctions as an Auctioneer and a Buyers Advocate; not to mention access to all property sales data bases, and, the ability to interpret sales data correctly, are all invaluable assets to have at your fingertips to enable an informed, impartial decision when buying Melbourne property, no matter what market conditions apply.


For almost two decades I ran a very successful real estate agency, "Sinclair & Company", operating in the City of Boroondarra.

Yes.....I was "one of them!" I was honest and ethical to the best of my ability, I believe respected and, I enjoyed it!

I have formed invaluable professional relationships with virtually all the leading Real Estate Agents in my area of operations, some stretching back over 30yrs.

I am always able to deal with them in my capacity as a Buyers Agent from a position of mutual professional respect and courtesy. It would be difficult for me to understate the real value this relationship often has to my clients!